Issue Five: Optimistic


Imagine growing up and having yourself thrown into stereotypes. Imagine having all of your class, friends and families assume that because you are “Asian” you should have good grades and excel in Math and Sciences. Being told by your family that you should pursue careers like a Doctor, Engineer or Dentist because they have wealth and a title in society.

Meanwhile, there were people around the world who seemed free. I dreamed to be like them, free to roam and create with no boundaries. Being able to use my mind, imagination and to express myself freely rather than studying books and preparing for tests that I found no interest in. For so long I thought I would be a failure and a burden to my family, I struggled to meet standards and with who I was – I hated being Asian and I hated being ME.

Writing this and looking back, I’ve realized that these hardships, memories and obstacles are what makes me the person I am today. I shouldn’t be fearing the future but rather be optimistic about it. I should do what I got to do and do what I do best. It’s not anyone’s job to decide our future but ourselves. The recent exposure of other ABC’s through this issue and the Asian Creative Network empowers Asians as a minority to break the stereotypes and standards placed on us by society.

Sit down, take a breath and figure out who you are, what do you want to do with your life and do it.