Issue Five: Identity

Asians Between Cultures

Growing up in Germany and with both parents being Chinese, I was never confused about both cultures being part of my identity. When people asked me where I was from, I’d always say that my parents were from China, but I was born in Germany. I think of myself as one hundred percent German and Chinese at the same time. What people without this kind of cultural background often don’t understand is that it's perfectly fine and possible to have two totally different countries being part of your identity. You can feel as connected and proud of both of them as you want; there are no limitations just because you grew up in one country or maybe don’t speak one of the languages as perfectly as the other. This can get difficult at times though, when for example people in China don’t see you as “a real Chinese” and people from Germany reckon you’re not German either. You find yourself in between both cultures, clearly identifying with either one of them, but just not one exclusively. To clarify things, I think it’s important to always talk about the issue, and just explain things from your point of view to friends who can’t relate for example. Lately I’ve seen a significant growth in our kind of representation in the media as well, and I love it! I love embracing every part of both my cultures, and everyone should be able to feel like this too.