Issue Five: Definition

asians between cultures

It was always difficult trying to define where I should place myself. Being brought up in the UK meant I was surrounded by a diverse range of people. However, I could not always relate to certain aspects of the culture, especially as the area I lived in meant I was the ethnic minority (to a great extent).

“You’ve never had an English breakfast, how?! Haven’t you lived here your whole life?” “Wait… you don’t really listen to English music, or watch English programmes, then what do you listen to/watch?”

I was always a person who primarily grew up with Asian culture. From eating Asian food at home to watching Asian TV programmes, or even listening to Asian music. It became even more prominent as I grew up because I just didn’t feel quite the connection with English programmes/music. Unfortunate as it sounds, it left me to feel rather isolated because I didn’t really have others to relate to. This is what led me to attempt to expand my tastes and reach out to other people. A lot of my friends eventually became exposed to Asian culture through my recommendations, and people who once judged me for my Asian music taste then became interested in it as it grew more popular in the western world.

That’s what made me realise, it’s okay for me to have my interests. Everyone has their own, and those who are genuinely willing to open their minds to new cultures are the ones worth holding close.