Issue Five: Acceptance

Asians Between Cultures

Why do I need to go to Chinese school?

Probably something we’ve all said growing up. But my parents never really forced me to go, and I didn’t. I thought it wasn’t necessary. I thought it would just make me “more” Chinese whatever that meant. Going to Chinese school wouldn’t make me better at English. Going to Chinese school wouldn’t make me “cool” (whatever cool really meant). I so badly wanted to assimilate and keep a facade that, no, I wasn’t really Chinese. I grew up here. I know English. I’m great at it at school. I can speak it. I am Australian.

In a town where there were only 2 asians in my grade in Queensland, I realised that me wanting to be more Australian was just me trying to fit in with everybody else. We were all 8-10 year olds that faced a need to fit in and be a part of everyone else. I put my cultural identity to the side to be more “Australian”.

I’m older now, and I wish my parents had forced me to go to Chinese school. I have accepted who I am.

Who you are is really what makes you unique and YOU. Embrace it. Hold on, being Chinese Australian IS pretty cool. Being Chinese Australian, we have the privilege of knowing more than 1 language that is a part of our cultural background. I am Chinese Australian.

Why do I need to go to Chinese school?

I need to go to Chinese school to keep a part of me, part of my culture alive. I have a sense of fulfilment for being in touch and learning about parts of my cultural background.

Learn about your history, traditions and inform yourself of the experience of another culture that is a part of you. Just be you and always remember where you come from and more importantly, who you are.

Go to Chinese school!