Issue Three: Homogenous


Although my problems aren’t unique to being Chinese, I can only speak from my Chinese-Australian experience. Being an East Asian, specifically being Chinese, means that I’m visually distinct and singled out from my white counterparts, yet at the same time, as a people group, Chinese individuals are inevitably associated as a homogenous entity, painted with the same brush, conflated. As a creative with Chinese heritage I feel like people, both within the Asian community and the wider community are always comparing me to other Chinese creatives. I’m always given the moniker of “the next _____” or “_____ 2.0”. I know they mean well but it’s as if only one Chinese individual is ever allowed to create work that spotlights Asian issues. I’m not a second version of or “the next” anyone. I’m not trying to be anyone else. I’m me. I fought tooth and nail to come to appreciate my culture and it is of my own accord that I choose to use my skills to explore my identity.