Issue Two: Nomad

"You’re not Malaysian enough. You're not a real Tamilian. This isn’t really your home though."

I’ve heard this all my life and I’ve often found myself getting judged when I switch between Tamil, Malay and English during my conversations with friends and family. I look Indian and speak Tamil – but only to a certain extent. I grew up bouncing around from Malaysia to Singapore to Hong Kong and now to Perth. English was the only language I learnt how to speak fluently, but I loved the Tamil language and my home culture in Malaysia. So why couldn’t I have it all in my life?

As a kid that battles with culture identity, I always wanted to fit in somewhere, but I was always lacking in something. I was either too Asian or too Western. I didn't fit with the Tamilian community because I messed up words when answering even when I could understand exactly what was asked. I'm often not considered Malaysian because I don't understand cultural references. So where do I go?

Over time, I learnt I may belong nowhere – but I also belong everywhere. I represent a collection of cultures that make up the home I create within myself. I am blessed with the opportunity to engage in the stories of all these incredibly different and unique places and people that make my life better. I identify as a nomad with a home and I matter. I belong. Just like everyone else.