Issue Two: Fitting In

I feel that like many Asians Between Cultures like myself, we’ve all experienced in varying degrees, an identity crisis moment.

My identity crisis moments happen when I introduce myself to new people and tell them my interests: “I like watching the cricket and played a bit when I was younger”, “I like listening to heavy metal” and “I enjoy watching the AFL”. A typical response from both ABCs and Caucasians is, “Oh, that’s not very Asian”.

This sort of response from people would trigger multiple introspective questions about my identity and where I fit in. What does it actually mean to be Asian? What does it actually mean to be Australian? Do I have to look a certain way to fit in with a culture? These questions at times have made me feel like my identity is in a constant state of flux where I am not “Asian” to some people and I’m not “Australian” to others.

Over time, I’ve become more and more comfortable with my Australian-Vietnamese identity. I grew up in Australia and I enjoy doing iconic Aussie things like playing cricket and getting a cheeky snag from Bunnings, but at the same time, I also enjoy a refreshing bubble tea and smashing a bowl of pho.