Issue Two: Cutlery


Culture is such a weird thing – but like, interesting-weird kind of weird. For example, did you know that you can eat rice with a fork and knife? Apparently so according to my non-asian friend (you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this).

Well, in my 23 years of existence I had never once thought about eating rice with anything other than a spoon, or maybe I had just never thought about the fact that culture can really shape our view of what’s normal and not normal.

I think that culture goes deeper than just forks and spoons, taking shoes off in the house, living with your parents until you get married or move for work, or putting your car insurance under your parent’s name because its cheaper (who can relate). Flip it around – it goes deeper than knives and forks, wearing shoes in the house, moving out of home when you finish school or uni… and about the car insurance, well I don’t know (I’ll have to ask my non-asian friends’ thoughts on that)!

I think it’s in discovering these little differences that I see how interesting people are, and that cliché as it sounds there’s so much more to someone than meets the eye. I personally believe God has made people of different cultures in this world for His and our good, to live together as an opportunity to share and learn from one another – and celebrating these differences makes life all the more interesting than it already is!