Issue One: Thankfulness

My cousin recently published her debut collection of short stories (shameless plug, go check it out! – ‘This Is Where I Won’t Be Alone’ by Inez Tan). She took the title from a well-known song released nearly 10 years ago to commemorate Singapore’s National Day. The song is called ‘Home’ and so her stories dance around this theme. She’s been out of Singapore for nearly 14 years, just like me, though she’s based in the US instead of Australia. But we always go home at least twice a year because we still have family there. I just think it’s interesting that no matter how long you’ve been away or how far away you are, there’s something indelible about the place where you come from that always draws you back. I visited Beijing once, many years ago, to see another cousin who was living there. But now what I feel drawing me back to China isn’t to see what it’s like now, but to follow in the footsteps of family I’ve never met; those who left China in search of a better life so many years ago. It’s much like how my parents chose to move to Australia. But I’m thankful to have spent my childhood growing up both in Singapore and Australia. I like to say that I got the best of both worlds. Do they clash? Inevitably. But I like to be kept on my toes.