Issue One: Sacrifice

It would be unfair to say anything about us without mentioning the sacrifices of our parents. I would not be able to enjoy the privileged education and upbringing without the hard work and dedication of my mother. My mother raised me single-handedly, giving up her life of career as a successful banker back home so that I could have a better life in Australia. Coming here, she had to work jobs she never thought she would do with her education background. Cleaner, wait staff, kitchen hand, you name it. There were moments when she would cry silently in her room whilst I played outside, not knowing her anxieties and fears of the future. Eventually, through sheer resourcefulness and determination, she completed a degree in nursing and later pathology, pulling us out of the mud.

There was a time when I was in the back seat of the car and I had suddenly noticed how many grey hairs were on my mother’s head. Without any warning, I was overcome by a sense of gratitude and guilt. I wanted to say to her “I love you,” but the words just wouldn’t come. I ended up blurting out “I promise I’ll never send you to a nursing home.” My mother gave up her future in exchange of a better one for me. That is something that I can’t forget.