Issue One: Neighbours

Our family never really liked to talk with our neighbours much. There wasn’t a particular reason why. Sometimes it was because they could be too nosy and other times it was not worth the time. Besides the occasional ‘good morning’, it just wasn’t a ‘thing’ in our household.  But when we moved to Wentworthville it was different. Vince, our neighbour, was Italian, and he was phenomenal. We helped him with his computer issues and he helped us back. He set the clothes line up, fixed the roof and even helped me get my driver’s license. Nikki lives two houses away and is an elderly Greek lady. My mum particularly loves her. They can talk for hours and still not get bored. She sometimes gives us some of her homemade meatballs and I can confirm that they taste amazing. I don’t even recall how we met either of them, it just happened. Hopefully we get the chance to know about our other neighbours too.