Issue One: Home

This is a story of how I learned to love Vegemite.

My first taste of Vegemite was early on when we had just moved to Australia. Salty, strange, not unpleasant, but very different - different in a good way. A savoury breakfast spread? That was pretty life-changing. It was salty, salty like my first gulp of sea water when I hadn’t learned to jump over the crest of a breaking wave. It would be a while before I tried either again. Then I started to see it at school, sandwiched between two crackers with a slab of butter. Like a group of friends, where the sum of parts was greater than the whole, Vegemite took on a whole new flavour. Made better by the ingredients around it, I enjoyed Vegemite much more this way. Soon enough, the occasional Vegemite crackers became Vegemite toast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now I was a happy little Vegemite.

To me, home isn’t about the location, it’s about the feeling you get when you’re present. I love Australia because of the amazing people that I’ve had the privilege of sharing so much with. That is what makes it home.  

Vegemite on buttered toast with a slice of Jarlsberg cheese. It’s the best, you have to try it.