Issue One: Gratitude

I moved to Australia from Hong Kong when I was 12, because my parents thought that I would receive a better education here. My mum moved with me but my dad stayed in China to work. So I pretty much lived more than half of my life without my dad by my side.

My dad and I have a good relationship, but it just isn't the way I wish it to be. He is my dad, but to me he feels more like one of those old friends that you used to close with but no longer share much in common. We have conversations but they are usually small talk. When something happens to me or when I achieve something, my first instinct is to share with my mum, not my dad.

I know my dad has sacrificed a lot – living overseas without mum and I, working hard to earn money to support the family and sending me to private school. But I wish we shared more memories and experiences together. I wish we could talk more. Most importantly, I just wish I was able to show my appreciation and gratitude to him more naturally.