Issue One: Farewells

It always cracks me up inside and makes me dread the greeting part to my white female colleagues after work.

Example: A classic post work dinner at Korean barbeque and it’s time for home. I greet all the men with handshakes and when it gets to the end of the table, my palms start sweating as it comes to coordinating the infamous hug and cheek kiss greet. By the way, I promise I’ve had girlfriends past and present. Legit.

Every time I go in for the hug and cheek kiss, I am consistent in how I’m unable to get the timing right, whether that’s bumping cheeks, forgetting that there’s cheek kissing involved OR if it wasn’t the timing, accidentally making the smooching sound a bit too loud…

It’s funny that despite growing up here as an Asian immigrant, there are still differences I have trouble doing like post-work dinner cheek and kiss farewells.