Issue One: Different

I think one of the best parts of being raised in a western society as an Australian-born Chinese (ABC) is just... being different. Your day to day life can be so vastly different to everyone around you, yet you can respect one another just as everyday people. Throughout my life I’ve treasured the culture and traditions that my family have brought me up with, and I look forward to passing them down through the generations. Whether it be red packets for Chinese New Year ($$), taking your shoes off before going into your own home or even just using chopsticks to eat. These things all shape who we are and who we become, no matter how big or small, and I feel like I’d be missing so much if I hadn’t had exposure to such experiences. From feeling this way, I always try to share parts of my differences and experience with others. A fantastic example would be bringing Asian goods like lollies or fruits around for people to try!