Issue One: Confidence

I was born and raised in Perth, Australia, but English was not my first language. I love to listen to K-pop music, but I never learnt how to play a musical instrument. Academically, I was always told I should become a doctor, engineer, lawyer or accountant but I was never good at maths. When I was 12, I told a teacher that I wanted to become a public speaker and the reply? I would never make it with my lack of English skills. Across my whole life, I’ve always been told two conflicting visions on what I should be.

Growing up in Australia, I’ve always had to battle with not being Chinese enough but also not Australian enough. Yet, I think things are changing as I look around me and what I have achieved to date because of these experiences, both good and bad.  I’ve come to realise that it’s this mixture of east and west that has let me excel in the areas I have chosen to pursue.  As a first generation Aussie-born Asian girl, I am proud to be involved in politics, a leader in my community and someone who sucks at maths. No bamboo ceiling should stop anyone from being who they strive to be.

P.S. To that teacher who said I could never do it… I now teach other students from around the country how to public speak with confidence so that they too, can be given a voice to change the world.