Issue One: Assumptions

This one time I wanted to treat myself to a nice steak, so I went to the butcher to buy a big, thick T-bone steak. Now, I normally go to Coles or Woolies for my meat, so this was a bit of a treat. While waiting for the butcher to cut my meat an old-ish lady came in, she wasn’t super old, probably late 60s. Since it was just us in the shop, I didn’t want to be unfriendly and tried to make conversation. I asked her what she was getting, and whether she came here often, and so on. She did the polite thing and asked me what I was getting, so I said I was getting some steak. Then… she starts telling me about how she likes to make her husband stir-fries with beef and chicken or teriyaki beef, and now I’m like what? I’m sure she didn’t mean any harm and I’m not offended at all, but MAN I’m not even Japanese, I rarely cook stir-fry. What are these assumptions!?! And yeah, I had no idea what to really talk about, so I was just waiting for the butcher to save me. It was like one of those lunches with a friend and their cousin, then your friend goes somewhere and you’re just like ‘So… Do you like stuff?’ Horribly awkward for a short time. Anyways, the butcher came back, I got my meat and went on my merry way. All’s well that ends well.