who are we?


human beings with a passion for people


You can find us spending our 9-5 navigating the legal, tech and not-for-profit industries (depending on who you ask), and our 5-9 sipping on french earl grey tea, collecting stories and continuously delegating stuff to our future selves. We’re just trying to love others as much as we love ourselves.


Join our team

Please note that all positions operate on a volunteer basis. However, we’ll make sure to pay you in good chats, regular hugs*, and the chance to be a part of an exciting and driven team!

(*May have to be virtual depending on your location)

community director

People inspire you to do good.

You’re humble in nature, driven by curiosity and passionate about elevating the lives of those around you. You focus on the big picture, challenge conventional thinking and get the job done.


Words are your pièce de résistance.

You love using language to convey meaning, empathy and passion. You’ve had prior experience in writing and you’re especially gifted in listening to people and their stories.

visual designer

You can draw with your eyes closed.

— But we’d prefer for you not to. You’ve had prior experience in illustration, graphic design and animation. You love using your creative gift to inspire curiosity, perspective and imagination.

content creator

You’re all about the aesthetic vibe.

Empathy is your key strength and enables you to produce content that inspires love, compassion and kindness. You’ve had prior experience in content creation and have a great eye for detail.