We exist to share the stories, lives and experiences of Asians Between Cultures from all around the world. We believe that these individuals have the context and capacity to engage with people of different backgrounds, cultures and perspectives, and harmoniously navigate the cultural crossroads where east meets west.

So what’s your story?

Have you ever given your cultural circumstance any thought? Or wondered what it would be like if you were raised in or lived in the country your ancestors were from? Life would be pretty different, huh. Perhaps you’ve had some delightful surprises or received some snarky remarks because of your story, but embrace that part of you; it’s only one piece of the complete and intricate puzzle that is you.

As children of immigrant families, we are exploring what it means to coexist between multiples cultures. We are walking roads that have not yet been paved and we are learning to navigate the nuances that come with being first and second generation Asians.