There’s nothing like gathering together and experiencing real human connection. We’re all human, all wonderfully made; and this is something we can share with one another. Our Gather events bring passionate Asians Between Cultures together to share life, explore our cultural experiences, and to build each other up.

Each event will focus on a theme, idea, or attitude, and together, we’ll unpack what it means to us, to our friends and family, and to Asians Between Cultures generally. These discussions are a safe space for people to share what’s on their minds and hearts, and we encourage people to come with an open mind. We meet in small groups so we can get to know each other, have meaningful discussions, and find things we have in common that resonate with us. We also encourage you to reflect on your individual thoughts and experiences, and what meaning the discussion holds for you personally.

We invite you to gather with us; keep an eye on our social media to find out when a Gather event is happening near you.


01 —

Small intimate groups

We meet in small groups so that we can get to know each other better and feel comfortable sharing our experiences.


02 —

people centred themes

We focus on our common humanity; why we are the way we are, what we share, what we can learn from one another.


03 —

self devoted time

We give you time to reflect on the discussion so that you can take something away from it (apart from a coffee!).