We changed our name to Moonrise! Here's why, what and how.


We’ve had a crazy past few months collecting global stories from first- and second-generation Asians, meeting passionate changemakers, making new friends and uniting with old ones. Travelling to different parts of the world to explore what it means to be an Asian Between Cultures, we were so excited by the number of rising initiatives steeping in the space of the Asian community worldwide. From podcasts, to meetups, to zine collaborations and more, the wide spectrum of creatives supporting the Asian movement was mind-blowing!

We started to become curious about these broader changes and began to question what we would be seeking in the hypothetical situation that our cultural identity was stripped away from us, or if ‘representation’ was ever fully achieved. We realised, in the event of these things happening, that our humanity would continue to exist and hold us together. And so, we started to explore what this idea meant for THE ABC ISSUE.

We wanted our community to experience intimacy, relationship and connection beyond the pages and words of a digital screen, and this was something we found could only be achieved when we gathered together. We wanted to embrace the vulnerabilities and heartfelt worlds of our contributors in a space where our readers and listeners could respond, acknowledge and affirm. Given this shift in focus and delivery, we wanted to expand our platform to serve our new vision in connecting humanity, challenging normality and unleashing the beauty of humankind within and beyond the community. We wanted to pioneer a movement that empowered Asians Between Cultures to bridge gaps between the east and west, and so, we decided that Moonrise would exist to fulfil this mission.

Moonrise signifies the moon’s route rising from east to west. It reflects light to the world to allow us to see in darkness. As the children of immigrant families, our ancestors rose from the east, and we have now set in the west. Living life in between cultures is a journey, with intricate layers and complexities, each story individual and unique. We gather the children of immigrant families to be a light for each other, to navigate cultural nuances and bridge people together; and by lifting others up, we rise.