contributor agreement

Before we share your story there’s a few things that we need to agree on. We need to agree that you as the Contributor give us the non exclusive rights to publish your story in our online collective at and to reproduce parts of the piece for use on social media.

The agreement

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The fine print *
In sharing your story and visual with Moonrise, you are declaring that it is original and solely of your own production unless otherwise disclosed as collaborative. If you publish your content in other publications, both digitally or in hard copy, make acknowledgement in that publication of Moonrise's prior publication. Moonrise accepts no liability for infringements of copyright in the work published by contributors within the collective. All liability rests with the contributor. Likewise, copyright of original work published rests with the contributor. Sharing of your story and visual is done so on a voluntary basis, without any financial compensation. If you are younger than 18 years, you must receive consent from your parent or guardian prior to submitting your items, and consent of this form will be taken as a declaration of their agreement to the above terms and conditions.