Our Story

We are Asians Between Cultures. We connect humanity, challenge normality, and unleash beauty.

Like the moon, we have risen in the east and have now settled in the west.

There is often tension between eastern and western influences in the lives of Asians who have grown up or spent a significant amount of time in western societies, and we often feel like parts of us are at odds with each other - whether that is choosing elements of one culture over the other, or trying to find a happy medium between both.

We started as THE ABC ISSUE - an online journal of stories, features and interviews of Asians Between Cultures, we were a platform where first and second generation Asians could share stories navigating the cultural crossroads between east and west. It was an amazing journey. However, even though we were working to create a platform to celebrate cultural differences and cultivate understanding, we felt we were missing the elements of human intimacy, relationship, and connection that existed beyond a digital screen. We felt that this could only be achieved when people gathered together, in person. We wanted to shake things up a bit. We decided to do something about it. Thus, MOONRISE was born.

MOONRISE is a space for children of eastern immigrant families to gather together; to build each other up, to inspire each other, to grow, to connect, and to learn from one another, within and beyond the community. Through our Gather events, community, and organic discussions, we hope to help inspire and pioneer a new generation of cultural advocates. Individuals who fearlessly confront and openly engage with experiences contextual to the western Asian experience, and encourage others to do the same along the way.

We invite you to join us on our journey - in doing so, you may just embark on one of your own.